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We had a great time with this family. It was especially fun because it was the first time the family had gotten family pictures taken since their baby was born. Katelyn picked out everybody’s  outfits for the pictures and they all looked great! We especially loved the matching pink shoes the girls had on.

When Andrew and Katelyn first got there and we started posing their family their daughter, Jasmine just thought the whole thing was so weird. We would start to take some pictures and she would just stare at us like “What are you doing?” Haha, it was pretty funny. But after her dad played with her some and she got used to us, she had some of the best smiles.


Zundel Family_0016Zundel Family Blog 2Zundel Family Blog 3 American Fork Family PhotographerZundel Family Blog 4 American Fork Family Photographer Zundel Family Blog 6 American Fork Family PhotographerZundel Family Blog 8


We found a few wild flowers and Jasmine was so excited. She started picking flowers and giving them to everybody. It was so cute. She was also excited to see Dandelions and she started making a blowing sound. We didn’t know what she was doing but her parents explained that she knew how to blow the seeds off of a dandelion and she was trying to show us.


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By the end of the session Jasmine was all smiles, and so were her parents. We love the way the pictures turned out and we had so much fun taking pictures of the Zundel family.

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Zundel Family | American Fork Family Photographer

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